Nous was central to the creation of Beckford: the new-for-2020 Group name for what had been known since 2009 as Bramley Bars, now epitomised by their famous gastropub, The Beckford Arms. As lockdown struck, the four-pub and retail group needed harnessing, with new cross-group corporate identities, print and websites for all their venues. The branding exercise led to the new Group, its name, its messaging, new venue logos, print items and websites throughout. The sites include e-commerce and recruitment platforms.
Strategy & Identity
Our process started with our deep dive into Beckford’s core mission, vision, values and personality: gaining alignment across the group on the Brand’s direction, methods and differentiation. This culminated in a new identity suite that presented the brand’s classical values in a thoroughly contemporary manner.
Print plays a key role in the Beckford business where multiple elements come together to create a tactile and memorable sensory experience. Beckford heritage dictates the cormorant group emblem and the historical birthdates and heraldic references anchor each pub identities within an expanding group.
See & Do
Pub & People
Stay & Unwind
Wine & Dine
The digital commission for Beckford was to create a fresh approach to the hospitality space, focusing on the heritage, setting and surrounding areas of natural beauty, rather than the pub architecture from the off. This aesthetic prioritising immediately gave the Beckford pubs a beautiful familial congruence quite different from typical hospitality websites, and allowed the functional elements to be incorporated in elegant and user-friendly ways.
Art Direction
The Beckford build required hundreds of photographs (all taken during restrictive Covid lockdown circumstances) and needed to avoid anything too clinical, pretentious or contrived. The art direction and post-production work ensured a congruence between imagery and site user experience, whereby imagery communicated an unforced genuine warmth, wholesomeness and even a whimsical wit. The result is a presentational flavour that ‘puts the heart into hospitality’.
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