The most famous luxury department store in the world came to Nous in late 2020 to explore our ideas and skills around product range packaging and messaging. The result was a new form of gifting presentation for 2021 and an ongoing strategic vision.
Luxury sector analysis to identify distinctive, engaging positioning that Harrods can confidently utilise for the Gifting Range and wider brand communications.
This is the document that sets the rules around a sophisticated creative that has to be understood by anyone applying it, whatever their skills and sympathies. It’s a translation of great details in one comprehensive publication, showing Harrods brand codes and signature cures adapted for the new creative. The Guidelines partners with our Brand Strategy work, that draws focus on the very essence of Harrods and communicates it with congruent ease.
Art Direction
Bringing together the visions of several protagonists in a cohesive way, we steered and created a distinct and unique series of images which required very particular balance between all the creative elements. An intricate portal creates the threshold to the magical, a world of spectacle, adventure and discovery.
Exacting design, literal and subliminal messaging and perfect production is to the core of the Harrods print work. Here, natural organics, unexpected characters, highlighted details, spot colours and precise foiling conspire in a manner designed to entrance.
How the new designs and packaging work at scale is fundamentally important. Whether as gift boxes or as wallpapers or coverings, the fantastical symbolic creatures reward the viewer, not only at-a-casual-glance from a distance but also close-up, where the tactile and a living tangibility create intimacy and intrigue.
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