Phinsys is at the forefront of software solution provision in global insurance sector. The development of their highly individual website challenged many conventions and created a unique identity in a typically conservative space.
“Working with Nous House has been very inspiring. It has been a collaborative process utilising Nous’ exceedingly strong capabilities at understanding our industry, personality, agenda and standards.”
Richard Tyler
CEO, Phinsys
The Phinsys brand required finessing and modernising, while not straying from the established colour ways or style. The Company has a series of products, each with icons that are used in ways that communicate their roles in a matrix of interconnectivity.
Print quality and presentation creates great value in items that need to be retained and respected. Far from being outdated, print encapsulates a tactile and visceral quality which is impactful and memorable.
Art Direction
We wanted to give Phinsys and their team personality and a sense of the real. Too often financial services websites are bland and corporate, so we were keen to do things very differently. The result is a casual, reportage photographic style designed to portray the Phinsys team as they really are: professional and expert, but also enthusiastic and a pleasure to be around.
The Phinsys website has to appeal to many different type of person: from sales people to finance specialists, technical experts to insurance professionals. It demands effective multiple entry points and use journey possibilities each designed to lure and keep the visitor engaged.
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