The Walpole is the home of British luxury, representing around 250 of the UK’s greatest brands in one curatorial entity. For July 2021, Nous were tasked with their brand refresh and creating their new website.
"There’s a deep creative talent in the Nous team underpinned by serious technical expertise and disciplined process, all wrapped-up in a collaborative, ambitious energy. It's an unusual mix that makes Nous a potent partner for luxury brands looking to communicate their message imaginatively & effectively"
Helen Brocklebank
CEO, Walpole
Evolution rather than revolution was the need for Walpole, and a better architecture for their ever-expanding digital mediums. A new logotype and matching symbol was the beginning providing a tasteful, languine aesthetic underscored by a confident classical consistency.
The phase one of the Walpole digital transformation journey has seen an optimisation from an information and user-journey perspective. Representing hundreds of hosted brands and providing huge amounts of regular news and event highlights.

Phase two will see advanced community interaction, opening the platform up to the wider luxury community whilst retaining exclusivity for members.
Nous, via its incumbent studio, Buffalo, has produced the near 200-page Walpole Yearbook since 2018. It requires time-honoured design and publishing sympathies to create something that eschews all the creative values of the many Luxury brands it represents.
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