What we do
At Nous we assess and understand; strategise and scope; design, direct, and deliver the services needed to communicate the personality of brands. Large or small, start-up or long-established, our client base is as broad as our interests are wide. We dig deep into our clients’ worlds, philosophies, personalities and ambitions, not only to provide any immediate assets, but to create strategic clarity and provide on-going consistent support. Between us Nous has a wealth of diverse experience in harnessing brand value and we have all the in-house skills needed to deliver projects from seed to launch.
Our philosophy
Nous is a very personal business. A keen interest and belief in our clients and what they do is our fuel. From that comes the most efficient distillation of their requirements and a honed, exacting focus on how to communicate their proposition. While our processes and methods are well defined, our approach to design is varied, always led by the fundamental user-experience. Ethics, decency, value and great care are the foundation of our lasting partnerships. In such a context we work with our clients to realise and communicate both their unique offering and best selves.
The Team
Neil Tookey
Partner / Creative Director

Provider of brand creative and print, Neil has been a celebrated talent in the premium and luxury graphic design arena for nearly 30 years. A complimentary breadth of skills focuses on high end automotive, yachting and luxury retail with a default ability to bring edge and vitality to the finest brands in the world.
Mike Kramer
Partner / Creative Director

Mike started designing print 20 years ago working in luxury and automotive but then transitioned into the complex world of digital and strategic messaging. A serial master of software, Mike brings seamless synergy to design across media. He has worked with Neil for almost 20 years and Richard since 2014.
Guy Murray
Partner / Technical Director

Guy creates the architecture to powerfully communicate our creative work. He is a highly experienced full-stack developer facilitating advanced digital programming for web-based, cloud-based and intranet applications. He has produced advanced digital solutions for more than 20 years.
Richard Sutton
Strategic Consultant

Over 30 years in publishing and media, 15 years running international luxury events and a passion for engineering and environmentalism means Richard is perfectly placed to take the inventive view, optimise your strategy and communicate your mission and vision.
Alistair Taylor
Client Services Manager

A career brand enthusiast and skilled multitasker, Alistair brings organisational flair and strategic savvy to managing the diverse Nous client portfolio. With a degree in design and print and background in luxury sales, retail and high end hospitality management, Alistair understands the need for best delivery.
Kevin Denoual

Brought up in Paris but graduate of University of the Arts London, Kevin joined Nous in its early days as a broad skill graphic designer. Familiar with an ever-expanding suite of programmes and approaches, Kevin’s enthusiasms for design run deep into his diverse work, across both print and digital media.
Egle Sanna
Senior Designer

Egle has over a decade of experience in branding, print, web design and animation across multiple sectors. Egle specialises in user experience and is passionate about integrating psychology and behavioural insights into her work: accessibility is important in all she does, as are sustainable practices.