Luxury Institute
Walpole is the official sector body for UK Luxury. Founded in 1992 it is devoted to promoting, protecting and developing over 250 British Luxury brands.
Art Direction
Corporate Identity

A Corporate Identity is the carefully designed means by which a brand authentically presents itself in the market. Corporations are given names, personalities, values and are even humanised through their Corporate Identity in order to help their target audience identify it, relate to it and understand it. For Walpole Nous adapted the established icon and wordmark with bespoke typography imbuing Walpole's classical brand values.


Website design and development is becoming ever more sophisticated, particularly for standard-setting brands in the Luxury sector where presentational standards are always ultimate. Walpole represents and champions hundreds of the best of the UK's finest Luxury brands and their website has to be as beautiful as it is functional. Nous created something multi-layered, easy-to-use, seductive, reactive and easy to manage.

The Book of British Luxury

The Walpole Book of British Luxury is an Annual publication that takes a detailed look at all the things that make the UK a key player on the international Luxury stage. The editorial, written by celebrated journalists, covers the current position and opportunities within the sector. The Book of British Luxury demands the very best in high quality design and production. Nous has designed and produced the Book every year since 2018.

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