NetJets is a prominent private jet charter company, offering fractional ownership and jet card programs since 1964, providing access to a diverse fleet and unmatched service standards.
Art Direction

A creative solution was required to effectively present the entirety of NetJets company information within a high-end vehicle for the collection. The created vehicle needed to possess flexibility that would allow for a modular system. The interchangeable suite empowered the NetJets team to personalise the owner offering with the choice to share a comprehensive package for newcomers or simply acquire an updated Fleet brochure if interest was limited to that aspect. Notably, the text aimed to emphasise the innovative graphic approaches that were introduced to infuse a playful charisma into what had previously been a corporate design style. The comprehensive design transformation was implemented across the entire range of printed materials, resulting in the ultimate embodiment of the company's essence, executed using advanced print techniques that exuded sophistication and refinement.

Event Invitations

From cocktails trackside to exclusive restaurant access, owner events are a regular fixture in the NetJets social calendar. Communicating a sense of fun, Nous created a high-quality series of digital invitations, personalised and delivered to the inboxes of the elite.

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